Enhanced Employee Retention with an Advanced HR Attrition Dashboard

The client was experiencing high employee turnover rates, leading to increased recruitment costs and operational inefficiencies. They lacked a systematic approach to monitor and analyse attrition rates, making it difficult to identify underlying causes and implement effective retention strategies.

hr attrition dashboard

Our Solution and Results:

We developed an advanced HR Attrition Dashboard that combines all employee data, providing real-time updates and insights into workforce dynamics. This tool allowed the client to easily monitor employee turnover, understand its causes, and act quickly to improve retention strategies.

The solution achieved:

  • Easier tracking of why and when employees leave.
  • Quick identification of trends and reasons behind employee turnover.
  • Improved planning and decision-making for employee retention.
  • A user-friendly dashboard for easy data management and reporting.
  • A flexible and adaptable tool, suitable for the company’s changing needs.
Impact by Numbers
Real-time Analytics
Increase in employee retention
Uptime and responsiveness

Technologies Used

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