Financial Data Consolidation and Visualization for Enhanced Cash Flow Insights

The client required a comprehensive Looker Studio Report to better comprehend their company’s cash flow. They possessed numerous bank statements across different currencies and banks, which were in CSV format. The primary objective was to process these data, extracting vital information like client name, payment/income, and date. Moreover, the data needed to be normalized and visualized within a Looker Studio dashboard, providing an array of reports detailing cash flow, monthly and yearly profitability, and other related financial insights. The client emphasized the capability to upload bank statements monthly, relate incomes with payments for profitability analysis per client, and export the normalized data into a CSV file, all while converting all currency values to the local currency, RON.

Our Solution and Results:

Veritas Analytica responded by developing a modern data platform architecture. The solution was tailored for robustness, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, serving as a central hub for financial intelligence. This allowed the client to easily access profitability summaries and delve into customer-specific profit insights.

Our solution provided:

  • Immediate insights for business stakeholders, supporting informed decision-making.
  • Faster delivery of profitability analytics.
  • A consolidated, reliable data repository.
  • A comprehensive 360-degree view of customer interactions.
Impact by Numbers
Real-time Analytics
Improvement in overall financial
Degree customer view


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Client’s Testimonial

“Great experience, they have delivered on time and with very good quality. Highly recommend!”


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