Global Travel Outreach: Data Clarity Project

A client in the travel industry was looking to connect with travel agents worldwide to enhance their business’s global reach and growth potential. However, they faced a problem when they found a huge amount of contact data spread across 30 countries. It was hard to tell which contacts were active or inactive on Email and WhatsApp, and there were concerns about the data being accurate. This mess was slowing down their outreach efforts and could harm their reputation in a competitive market. They needed a solution to sort out this data and improve their outreach efforts.

Our Solution and Results:

Veritas Analytica assisted the client in obtaining clear outreach information for improved decision-making.

  • We achieved this through automated data collection from various online platforms (websites, social media, and business directories).
  • Data cleaning was performed to eliminate duplicates and errors, with automated checks for email and phone contacts.
  • WhatsApp contact verification was conducted to identify active users.

These steps led to:

  • Enhanced data accuracy.
  • Improved outreach effectiveness.
Impact by Numbers
Manual working hours saved
Cost saving by automation and data analysis
Profitable Client’s Conversions

Technologies Used

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Client’s Testimonial

“Raza and his team were absolutely a delight to work with. I highly recommend and give 10/10 for efficiency, speed, and service.”


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