Improving Marketing Results for Online Sales

The client sells three different products online, and spends money on advertising to market these products. Each product makes a different amount of money, which was making it hard for the client to figure out if the money spent on advertising was worth it. The client wanted a clear report every month that shows how much money was spent on advertising, how much money was made from each product, and if the advertising was paying off. The client also wanted to easily upload new advertising spend data every month and download the data to a file if needed.

Our Solution and Results:

We developed a methodology to compute Return on Ad Spent (ROAS) by leveraging the individual Average Order Values (AOVs) of each offering. Our solution created a clear framework for marketing analysis.


Our intervention led to:

  • Clear insights into ROAS, enabling precise performance evaluations for each unique offer.
  • Smart budget allocation, ensuring optimized spend based on the performance of individual offers.
  • Enhanced Return on Investment (ROI) through data-driven decision-making.
Impact by Numbers
Optimized budget allocation
Improvement in overall conversion
Degree customer view

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