Penrose Tiling for Text Comparisons: A Visual Approach

The client wanted to compare any two pieces of text (comments, movie or book reviews, books, etc.) visually to find interesting connections and differences. They wanted to use a special visual effect called Penrose Tiling to make these comparisons visually appealing. However, going from plain text to a visual comparison was a complex task that needed a careful and creative approach.

Our Solution and Results: 

An in-house app was made with three main parts. This new system let the client compare texts visually and make better decisions. Here’s how it was done:

  1. First, we looked at the texts to pull out text embeddings from each word. This step turned the raw text into a structured format, which was needed for the visual part later.
  2. After that, the embeddings were turned into different shapes and text, making a unique image for each text. This step turned the text into a visual format, getting it ready for the Penrose Tiling effect.
  3. With the images ready, the Penrose Tiling effect was used to make visually appealing patterns for each text. Then, the images were laid over each other to see similarities and differences through the overlapping patterns.

As a result:

  1. The overlapping images using the Penrose Tiling effect showed the similarities and differences between the texts, giving a new way to compare them.
  2. The visual overlay made comparing the texts straightforward and interesting, going beyond traditional text analysis methods.

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