Real Estate Data Consolidation and Visualization for Enhanced Market Insights

As a realtor, client wanted to unravel the complexities of the land market in the real estate domain. Though primary data was accessible on platforms like RedfinZillow, and Realtor, the client found it difficult to extract actionable insights. The client desired a comprehensive Looker Studio Report to better understand the market dynamics. Key innovation was the introduction of the Sell Through Rate (STR) metric—a tool that helped cut through the data clutter. By segmenting and refining the data, we were able to provide a detailed, granular view of the market through a cutting-edge geospatial dashboard. This solution illuminated high-potential regions and emerging market trends, enabling the client to navigate the market landscape with enhanced precision and foresight.

Our Solution and Results:

In response to the client’s prerequisites, Veritas Analytica crafted a solution within 50 hours. This solution, acting as a pivotal hub for real estate intelligence, furnished immediate market insights for stakeholders, facilitating astute decision-making.

Our solution delivered:

  • Identification of critical market trends, unlocking potential investment opportunities in the vacant land real estate sector across various geographical and price segments.
  • Ethical and legal sourcing of data from industry-leading platforms, presented in an accessible manner.
  • An interactive, user-friendly dashboard for easy data interpretation and exploration.
Impact by Numbers
Manual working hours saved
Cost saving by automation and data analysis
Profitable data driven decisions made


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