Streamlined Inventory Analysis with PowerBI

The retail company client expressed the necessity for a comprehensive PowerBI Report to thoroughly understand their inventory landscape. The challenge was the scattered inventory data across various data warehouses, which led to inaccuracies and delays their existing team couldn’t tackle. The primary goal was to consolidate this data, extracting crucial information like product name, stock levels, and date. Moreover, the data required normalization and visualization within a Looker Studio dashboard, providing an array of reports detailing inventory status, monthly and yearly inventory turnover, and other related inventory insights.

Inventory dashboard

Inventory Dashboard

Our Solution and Results:

A dynamic dashboard was designed providing a real-time overview of their entire inventory landscape. This new lens enabled the client to not only visualize their entire inventory spectrum but also act with precision and timeliness, thus optimizing stock levels and boosting operational efficiency.

The solution yielded:

  • Streamlined inventory management processes.
  • Identification and management of slow-moving and obsolete inventory items.
  • Enhanced decision-making for stock adjustments, procurement, and sales strategies.
  • An intuitive interface for effortless data entry and on-demand report generation.
  • A scalable solution, ready to adapt to evolving inventory requirements.
Impact by Numbers
Real-time Analytics
Cost saving by inventory optimization
Uptime and responsiveness


Technologies Used

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Client’s Testimonial

“Maryam was amazing at working through our data and finding the resources that she needed to get the job done! We have already re-hired her to help us with some Power BI implementations and we would very gladly recommend her to anyone!”


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