Unified CEO Report for Comprehensive Data Analysis

The client had a messy data system on Zoho Analytics with many separate dashboards, all pulling data from Zoho Sheets. This setup made it hard to look at the data as a whole. They wanted to combine all these dashboards into one clear CEO Report, fix any mistakes in the current reports, and add new visuals like charts and tables to make it better.

Our Solution and Results:

Veritas Analytica tackled this by first checking out the existing dashboards to understand the data and find any mistakes. Then, all the data from the individual dashboards was brought together into one report. Mistakes in the old charts and tables were fixed, and new visuals were created to make the data easier to understand.

Here’s what was achieved:

  • The new CEO Report with all the data into one place
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Extended insightfulness
Impact by Numbers
Manual working hours saved
Cost saving by automation and data analysis

Profitable data driven decisions made


Technologies Used

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